Spending hours on managing your Amazon Ads? 

We know what it's like to spend hours after hours analyzing data, adding keywords, adjusting bids & budgets. That's why we are developing AZ Manager - a set of tools designed to maximize and automate your Amazon Advertising campaigns' performance; while saving you time & money!

AZ Manager Features


Magic Creator

Not sure how to start a new campaign? By going through a few  goals setting questions, Magic Creator will have your new ad campaigns up and running with just a few clicks. 


Keyword Optimizer

Which words are important for ranking and conversions? Keyword Optimizer will find the most relevant keywords to use in your product listings & ad campaigns.


Ad Automator

Spending hours on tuning your ads? Ad Automator will save you time & money by automatically lowering bids on the under-achievers and increasing bids & budgets on high-performers using criteria set by you.


Budget Guardian

Unsure how to best allocate your budget? Budget Guardian will  suggest daily budget for each campaign based on performance, total available budget, ad profitability and your set objectives.


Profitability Dashboard

How much profit am I making? Profitability Dashboard helps you analyze your products and ads performance and show you exactly where you are making or losing money and suggests strategies to help you achieve your goals.


More to come...

All these & more exciting features coming soon!


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